Naughty Elves stole Santa’s new sleigh along with all of this year’s toys!

Naughty elves stole Santa’s new sleigh along with all of this year’s toys!  The fleeing foes were taken down with a giant candy cane, but the impact scattered toys all over the North Pole.  Toot!  Toot!  The Holiday Junction to the rescue!  Climb aboard this magical train, and with some timely help from Uffda, the Northern Spirit of Cold and Lefse, you can retrieve the goodies in time to save Christmas!  Uffda will help raise the toys from the land, but you’ll need to plunk the gifts with Uffda’s enchanted Snowballs of Flurry.  These merry munitions instantly wrap presents and drop them into The Holiday Junction’s freight cars.  We only have one day to rescue the gifts, so don’t delay!  But be careful— few dastardly elves are still on the run and will stop at nothing to spoil the holiday.  Recover the toys… Avoid the coal… SAVE CHRISTMAS!

Gallery game with one simple objective

The Holiday Junction: Jingle Edition is a gallery game with one simple objective: Turn as many toys as possible into wrapped presents to get the highest score. The game plays out over the course of four levels, and the action is randomized, ensuring a different experience every time. Can you get the high score and save Christmas?

Choose your conductor:  Choose one of three animal conductors to drive the Holiday Junction train.  Each animal has it’s own unique power object to throw instead of the standard magical snowball.

Power ups:  The more gifts you retrieve, the faster the power meter fills up.  When the meter fills up, the player has access to the conductor’s power object for a short period of time.  Polar Bear:  Peppermint Candies!  Walrus: Gingerbread Cookies!!  Penguin:  Lutefisk!!!  Shown as a cod, because really. . .who wants to throw a gelatinous glob of lye soaked fish?!

Can you unlock the Presenting Tree?

Level 4 has a special feature called “The Presenting Tree”.  If you can figure out how to light the tree and you light all four of the tree’s sections, you will unlock The Presenting Tree and receive a bounty of gifts that will make even the tiniest of hearts grow three times larger.  At Game Gobblers, we want to continue making our games better.  In the future we will be adding additional free content to improve The Holiday Junction: Jingle Edition.

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