Bicoastal devs release their first kids' action game, in time for the holidays

Press kit – The Holiday Junction

Fact Sheet


  • Game Gobblers LLC
  • Based in Suwanee, GA


  • Android devices: December 10th, 2017
  • iOS devices: November 28th, 2018




Suwanee, Georgia — November 30, 2018 — In time for the holiday season, indie game developer Game Gobblers announces the release of their kids’ action game, The Holiday Junction: Jingle Edition, now available on the App Store for iPad and iPhone devices, as well as paid and free versions on the Play Store for Android. The Holiday Junction is an action game with one simple objective: Turn toys into wrapped presents as quickly as possible in order to get the highest score. Though it’s a quick game in under five minutes, the action is randomized making the gameplay different every time. This marks the first game created by the duo of Georgia developer, Bryan Reed and California developer, Mark Rose. The project was created without publishers or funding, so it was a challenge between the two having families, full-time jobs, a shoestring budget and especially working in different time zones. “We really wanted to create something that was ours. We didn’t want to be just a cog in someone else’s machine. Being thousands of miles apart didn’t deter us from pooling our talents.” said Mark. “The game itself started as a very basic idea that evolved into a fun, compact experience.”

View the Holiday Junction game here:

The game: Naughty elves stole Santa’s new Christmas sleigh along with all of this year’s toys. The fleeing foes were taken down with a giant candy cane missile, but the impact scattered toys all over the North Pole. But hope is not lost! The spirit of cold and lefse, Uffda, will help raise the buried toys from the snow, but the Holiday Junction crew needs your help to plunk the toys with Uffda’s magical snowballs, which instantly wrap presents and drop them into the train cars. There’s only one day to rescue and return the toys safely, so don’t delay! But be careful – a few dastardly elves are still on the run and will stop at nothing to spoil the holiday. Return the toys, avoid the coal, and SAVE CHRISTMAS!

Game features:

  • Choose your conductor: Choose one of three animal conductors to drive the Holiday Junction train. Each animal has its own unique power object to throw instead of the standard magical snowball.
  • Power ups: The more gifts you retrieve, the faster the power meter fills up. When the meter fills up, the player has access to the conductor’s power object for a short period of time. Polar Bear: Automatic Mints! Walrus: Gingerbread Spread!! Penguin: Boomerang Lutefisk!!! Technically shown as fresh cod, because really… who wants to throw a gelatinous glob of lye soaked fish?!
  • Naughty elves:Scattered throughout the game are ELVES! DIRTY, DIABOLICAL, DUBIOUS ELVES!!! They’ll be carrying bags of special, gold-wrapped gifts. Enough snowball hits will retrieve the gifts and send the pointy-eared abominations to oblivion!
  • The Presenting Tree: Level 4 has a special feature called “The Presenting Tree.” If you can figure out how to light all four of the tree’s sections, you will unlock a bounty of gifts that will make even the tiniest of hearts grow three times larger.








About Game Gobblers:

Game Gobblers is an indie game studio with a simple mission:  Create small and enjoyable games for the masses.  In 2017 they soft-launched their first game, The Holiday Junction, on Android devices.  In 2018 they came out swinging with an update for Android and a full release on iOS devices.  The guys at Game Gobblers are working on their next project in their semi-secret lairs on the East and West Coasts.

More information on the team can be found on the About page.